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The smell of chlorine is in the air. Whether you're a competitive swimmer, parent, coach, or super fan, dive right into Swimmetry™ to start visualizing progress, tracking cuts, comparing swimmers, and finding live meet results. It's a game changer... or rather, a meet changer! See what users are saying about it!
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Are you finding it hard to keep your kids motivated? Do you want to improve their behavior? Studies show that positive re-enforcement and incentives can dramatically help children thrive. Incentive$ is the app just for that. Build confidence and accountability in your children using Incentive$.
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Get the most out of the sport you love.

Search for any USA Swimming athlete (or any Swimming Australia athlete, for Swimmetry™ Australia), then choose your favorites to get updates whenever they compete in a meet or acheive a goal.
Analyze a swimmer's races, track goals and time standards, and view progressions using Swimmetry™'s unique visualizations.
Compare swimmers head-to-head in lifetime bests, season bests, or best times at the same age. Or see how a swimmer has improved over the past year.
View live meet results with integrated time standards.

Track your goals.

Plot a swimmer's personal bests against state, National Age Group, and meet qualifying standards such as Speedo Sectionals and Junior Nationals. Visualize progress toward their next big cut.

Never miss a beat.

Get recent news from SwimSwam, TeamUnify, and Swimming World, and keep up with your favorite swimmers in your personalized news feed.

Compare swimmers.

How do you stack up against your friends? Your rivals? The greatest of all time? Compare lifetime bests, season bests, or best times at the same age. Or view a swimmer's progression over the past year.

View Progressions.

Results are depicted graphically to show how a swimmer has improved over the past few seasons.

Check live meet results.

View live meet results with integrated time standards specific to your state, so you can instantly see if a swimmer made a cut.

Find rankings.

See where a swimmer ranks within the top 100 in their specific state and age group for each event.



Create healthy incentives for your children.

Create incentives for as many children as you want. Children can always access the app for free.
Tasks can recur, have deadlines, and be assigned to multiple children. Choose how many points each task is worth.
Create as many rewards as you want, and choose how many points each reward is worth.
Set up automatic Nintendo play-time limits based on your children's completed tasks.
Provide incentives for physical activity.
Share your account with another adult to manage the same children, tasks, and rewards.

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